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Hi and welcome to Saute Pan Recipes.
We are Dorothy & Daniel Williams. We are in our 40-50’s.
We have always enjoyed cooking, Daniel 30 years as a professional chef travelling around the world and Dorothy is a down to earth home cook learning along the way.
We met in Dublin and the rest is history in the making.
Whilst I am passionate about cooking from scratch we like teaching others where their food comes from, we appreciate that the pace of life does not always allow the time or luxury of doing so every day.  So, over the years of travel have searched for products, tools, recipes and ideas that make life easier in the kitchen.
Anything we can find that will save us time, and a few extra $$$, give us fantastic results and make us look fabulous are well received!
Six years ago, after moving from Broome to Tasmania we discovered The Chefs Toolbox, an Australian family-owned company that shared a vision to ‘Inspire Cooking in Every Home’.
It was at a Chocolate festival in Northern Tasmania that we come across the pots, pans & knives. We were hooked by the quality, look & feel of the Saute Pan. Cooking with their products, particularly the Saute Pan has made our life so easy and we really started to feel our passion for cooking reignited again.  As a result, we decided Daniel would like to make a difference by  inspiring others to cook quality, healthy (well most of the time), fresh meals for their families and he is loving every minute!  He now conducts Cooking Masterclasses all over Australia (trying to visit New Zealand as well).  If you think you might have the inclination to join us… then please get in touch with us and we can let you know how you can do so.
Did we mention Dorothy is not a trained chef but has since worked in the hospitality & food industry for a few years?  For Daniel, it really is about sharing his passion of all things to do with food in a way that is both practical and useful for anyone to cook on a day to day basis. Whether you love to cook, would like to learn more about cooking or simply need to cook because your family needs to eat,we hope what we share here, will somehow inspire you.
The purpose of this blog is to share recipes that can be cooked in The Chefs Toolbox Saute Pan, not only to showcase it’s incredible versatility, but also to share with you how easy it can be to enjoy cooking for your family on a day to day basis when you have the right tools in your kitchen.
We hope you enjoy our recipes (usually inspired by others and all credit given) and those of our guest writers, so that we can in some way help make your life in the kitchen just a little bit easier and a lot more fun!
Dorothy & Daniel Williams
PS. If you would like to preview The Chefs Toolbox collection you are welcome to do so here…
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