What is different about Como Advanced?

Como Advanced can be used on induction cook-tops; has an exterior coating to reduce staining and keep the cookware looking like new; can be used in the dishwasher (for a limited number of cycles) and has a thicker base than most other pans.

What does Hard-Anodising do?

Hard-anodised surfaces resist abrasion and corrosion and are extremely durable. Anodised materials have an extremely long life span. An anodised finish is chemically stable, does not decompose, and is non-toxic. A hard-anodised pan is the most durable pan available today.

Can Metal Utensils be used in the Saute Pan?

We do NOT recommend that customers use metal utensils. The use of metal utensils with your Como Advanced pan will void the warranty, however occasional use (i.e. once or twice throughout the lifetime of the pan) should not damage the hard-wearing anodised triple-layer surface. We recommend the use of silicone, nylon and wooden utensils at all times.

Can Como Advanced be used on Induction Cook-tops?

Yes! Como Advanced is one of the few high-end cookware ranges available in Australia with this feature. (Excluding Chefs’ Grill and Griddle Pan).

What is the Purpose of the Stainless Steel Base?

Apart from giving the pan a modern and stylish look, the stainless steel base allows the pan to work on induction cook-tops.
Note: the addition of stainless steel to the thicker Como Advanced base means that it may take slightly longer than expected for the pan to heat to the desired cooking temperature.

The Stainless Steel Base has developed Rust Spots. Can they be removed?

The grade of stainless steel required for the base of the pans to be magnetic (and thus work on induction cook-tops) means that it may be subject to developing water or surface rust spots. These can be easily removed by rubbing with a light scourer.

What is the Neptune Non-Stick Material made of?

Our non-stick surface is made from synthetic polymers, reinforced with ceramic particles.

Doesn’t Non-Stick Peel Off?

Older technology did, but the 3-coat technology of Como Advanced is significantly more reinforced than previous technologies. Applying the non-stick layers over a hard-anodised surface results in a bond that is 3 times stronger than if applied over pure aluminium or stainless steel. Should your non-stick coating peel, it is a valid warranty claim.

Does Anything Stick to the Pan?

Como Advanced uses the latest in non-stick technology which allows for cooking with very little oil. Over time, however, certain high-protein foods (such as eggs) can catch, so we suggest adding a tablespoon of oil. This is much less than required in stainless steel pans and is no different from other high-quality non-stick pans available.

Isn’t the surface just like Teflon?

No. Teflon is a brand owned by DuPont, the second-largest manufacturer of non-stick surfaces in the world. We have developed como’s “Neptune” coating in conjunction with our supplier to incorporate the latest technologies in both durability and release. It is a 3-layer system, giving it greater ability to withstand both temperature variations and metal utensils.
The quality of the non-stick finish is dependant not only on the finish itself, but also what it is bonded onto. In the case of Como Advanced, the pan is much thicker than most, giving very even heat distribution. As well as improving the cooking, it reduces variance in the heat on the non-stick surface and reduces the chance of splitting. The internal surface is hard-anodised. The bonding of non-stick to hard-anodised surfaces is 3 times stronger than the bonding to pure aluminium (hence Bessemer’s 5year guarantee vs. como’s 10-year).

Where is the Cookware made?

Como Advanced is manufactured to our design in China. Our supplier is the largest cookware supplier in China, with sales to final customers of approximately $1 billion. Their processes are internationally certified for both quality and environmental standards.
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