Gourmet Italian Stove Top Pizza

Stove Top Pizza

This is a great Friday night recipe and one the kids can learn to cook for themselves.

For those of you who are already ‘raving fans’ of the Saute Pan, you will have cooked the Pizza many times already.  For those of you who are new to the Saute Pan, you will fall in love with how easy it is to make your very own homemade pizzas, base and all.  We will be sharing lots of different Stove Top Pizza topping ideas here on Saute Pan Recipes, along with some variations on the base.  This recipe is for a thin base.

prep time : 10 mins
cooking time : 20 mins
serves : 4 – 6

the ingredients


1/2 cup self-raising flour
1/2 cup plain flour
good pinch of salt
1 rounded tsp of dried yeast
1 tsp honey
1 cup lukewarm water


1/3 cup tomato paste
1 tbsp dried italian herbs (basil, oregano, parsley)
bocconcini, sliced if large
roasted capsicum, sliced into strips
semi-sundried tomatoes
pitted kalamata olives
anchovies (optional)
fresh basil leaves, torn

the fun

  • Measure plain flour, self-raising flour and salt into the Saute Pan
  • In a small bowl, whisk yeast into water with a fork and add in honey
  • Combine with dry ingredients in Saute Pan and mix together with Silicone Spoon
  • Spread dough over the base of the Saute Pan using the tips of your fingers until the base of the pan is covered – no need to knead the dough or leave it to rise
  • Combine tomato paste and herbs in a small bowl and then spread over the pizza dough with a spatula
  • Top pizza with bocconcini, capsicum, tomatoes, olives and anchovies
  • Place the pan over medium heat and cover
  • Cook for 5 minutes with vents closed
  • Turn lid to open vents, reduce heat to medium low and cook for a further 10-15 minutes
  • Remove from heat and using a Silicone Egg Flip, lift pizza from pan onto a board or serving platter
  • Garnish with fresh basil leaves
  • Slice with Pizza Wheel and serve immediately

Please share your family’s favourite Pizza toppings in the comments below…

recipe inspired by

The Chefs Toolbox – You can view the original recipe here.

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