Use and Care

Before Cooking

New pans should be washed in hot, soapy water, then rinsed and dried. There is no need to season the pans before use.

Cooking Heat Settings

A lower heat setting than usual can be used as Como Advanced heats more efficiently than most other brands of cookware. The correct heat setting should be chosen for the cooking method being used: medium heat for frying, sautéing or stir frying, low heat for simmering or warming. When cooking with gas, the flame must not be allowed to extend beyond the stainless steel base of the pan.


The pan should be heated to the desired cooking temperature before adding the food. This will ensure the food cooks as expected from the moment it hits the pan. Due to the heavy gauge alloy base, the pan heats quickly and evenly. The pan should not be overheated to hasten the heating process. Overheating the pan will cause the non-stick coating to deteriorate, turn brown or bubble and will void the warranty.

Oven Cooking

Como Advanced is oven-safe to 250°C.

Unique Lid

Como Advanced’s heavy gauge lid design retains considerable heat, allowing the pan to function as a stove-top oven. The inside of the lid has a non-stick surface to keep it looking like new. A twist of the lid (on certain models) allows the pouring spout to act as a steam vent.


While the 3-layer non-stick surface of Como Advanced is resistant to scratching, it is best to use silicone, nylon or wooden tools to extend the life of your cookware.


As much or as little oil as desired can be used in the pans. That’s the beauty of non-stick.  Many dishes may be cooked with minimal fats for a healthier meal. However, oil or butter can be added for a crisp texture, golden colour and more flavour.

TIP: Aerosol sprays should not be used directly on the pan as they leave a gummy residue that is very difficult to remove. For a lighter coating, the food can be sprayed before adding to the pan, a small amount of oil can be wiped over the surface of the pan or pure oil in a pump action spray container may be used.


High heat, long cooking times, and oven cooking may cause pan handles to become very hot.  Care should be taken and protective mitts should be worn when removing and carrying hot pans from the stovetop and oven.


To extend the effectiveness of the non-stick surface, the pan must be cleaned thoroughly after every use. Any build-up of oil or food left on the non-stick surface will impede the non-stick feature of your pan. It is recommended that the pan is washed while it is still hot with a micro-fibre cloth. Where needed, a non-abrasive cloth can be used on the non-stick surface. To clean difficult to remove food, soak the pan in a mixture of warm water and bicarbonate of soda for 30 minutes, then wipe with a non-abrasive cloth, rinse and dry as normal.

Dishwasher Use

Como Advanced has been treated to withstand occasional dishwasher use. However, we recommend hand cleaning to extend the life of the pan. The dishwasher-safe treatment will withstand up to 200 cycles in the dishwasher. After this number of cycles, the harsh alkaline agents in dishwasher detergents may begin to damage the hard-anodised surface.


Pots should not be nested inside each other without protective cloths as hard-anodised surfaces are twice as hard as stainless steel and may scratch the non-stick coating.  Store your Como Advanced Cookware inside the storage bags provided with every product purchased.


Como Advanced pans carry a 10-year guarantee*. The Chefs Toolbox will repair or replace any item of cookware that is found to be defective in material or workmanship when put to normal household use and cared for according to instructions.
If a customer has a warranty claim, please call The Chefs Toolbox on 1300 135 816 to arrange for the return of the defective product. We will replace the defective product, free of charge, with an identical product or a product of equivalent value.
This warranty is VOIDED by misuse due to: improper cleaning; use of items at temperatures above recommended range; accident; alteration; fire; theft; or use in commercial establishments.
*Customers must have the original receipt to prove their date of purchase.
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